About the company

Cromsteel Industries S.A. is one of the world leading chrome plating bar manufacturers.

A relatively young company founded and owned by Italian shareholders (production of rough-ground linear shafts was started in 1999 in a dismissed manufacturing plant), Cromsteel Industries S.A. has always invested heavily in technology and know-how and has grown from a minor contributor to Western Europe linear motion market to a major global player in several industries:

  • linear motion (induction hardened, chrome plated, stainless steel shafting)
  • hydraulics (chrome plated bars and tubes, skived and roller burnished tubes, telescopic tubes for hydraulic cylinders)
  • pneumatics and gas springs (chrome plated carbon steel bars, chrome plated stainless steel bars)
  • shock absorbers (induction hardened and chrome plated bars)

Today Cromsteel Industries S.A. exports to more than 60 countries all around the world, by truck, air and sea freight.